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Happy Book Reader

By Crystal D’Auria, Processing Assistant, Durham County Department of Social Services Childcare Subsidy Office

Editor’s note: Crystal (pictured above) is our Community Book Bank liaison for the bookshelf in her office, and she shared this story with us last week. If you’re a Book Harvest supporter, this is a thank you note to YOU!

I wanted to share an experience we had here last Friday with our books from Book Harvest. An 8 year old boy was sitting in our lobby reading through a book while his mom completed paperwork. Because we do not often get school age children and especially rarely get boys, I went in our storage area to see what else he might like. He was so excited and asked for me to bring more and more out and read through every title and exclaimed with glee when he came across one he really wanted and also discussed what he knew about each of the books. He told us how much he loved reading and the mom explained how she is trying to keep building his book shelf. He also happily told us how he picked a book or two for his best friend, another boy who loved reading so much he would get in trouble for reading in class. He also picked a few books for a younger sibling. In the end he walked away with two grocery bags filled with Book Harvest books and I also told him about the DIA event the next day, to which he was also very excited and told his mom she had to take him. It was so wonderful, I was almost brought to tears by how happy and excited he was to read and have more books for his collection.

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