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Fun at Camp New Hope

By Rachel Zawadzki, Book Harvest summer intern

This year, University Presbyterian Church of Chapel Hill chose to partner with Book Harvest for their annual Vacation Bible School summer camp. Over four days, children aged pre-k to late elementary school were introduced to the idea of service in a community, and learned how something as small as donating a used book can have a large impact.

Wednesday, June 28, I arrived at Camp New Hope with a giant book (The Best Book for Terry Lee) under my arm and several book collection bins in my arms. I spent the morning reading this book to the young campers in attendance, speaking to them about the importance of reading, and ensuring that others can read as well. We talked about the impact of their donated books–although they might not immediately see the effect of donating a book, these books contribute greatly to the surrounding community.

After reading this story and talking about Book Harvest, children then went to work crafting bookmarks to go inside the books they donated. These included encouraging messages such as “Keep reading!” or “Hope you’re having a great day!” and will be available for young readers at the Book Harvest office.

Many thanks to UPCCH for encouraging these campers to keep reading, while also teaching them the importance of service in their local community.


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