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Books Matter: Pass it On

by Madeline Baker, spring intern

Madeline has been working with Book Harvest as an intern since January. In her short time with us, Madeline has become an invaluable member of our operations team, and she has also had the opportunity to interact with our community in several ways, including working at our Dream Big Book Drive on MLK Day and stocking Community Book Bank shelves.


Books have been a part of my life from a very young age. In fact, my mom has told me I understood what a book was for the first time at age four. My grandmother was a kindergarten teacher for many years and she taught my mother techniques on how to guide my literacy skills. I was one of the few preschoolers who knew how to hold a book and what letters were. Although I don’t have any memory of the moment I learned how to read, I will be eternally grateful to the people in my life that made that happen. Being part of Book Harvest has made me realize again how important books are in children’s education. Lacking access to books and resources can be detrimental to a person’s success. 

During my time as an intern, I have had the chance to meet some of the children that were recipients of the bookshelves in the Carrboro Health Clinic. When I was restocking the bookshelf, I met a couple of families there that were Spanish-speaking. I was able to tell them about the books and that they were welcome to take them home. It was exciting to see the kids’ faces light up when they realized they could keep the books. I remember the same feeling when I was younger after getting a brand new book to read, and I am glad I am able to help pass that feeling along to other children in the local community. 

Are you interested in being an intern with Book Harvest this summer? Learn more about our openings and how to apply here! The priority deadline for applications is March 12.

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