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Books Make You Feel Special

by Caleb Stine, sixth grader at Rogers-Herr Middle School

Most readers probably already know this, but my wonderful mom is the new Partnerships Manager here at the fantastic nonprofit organization that is in fact, Book Harvest. I am going to tell you about one of my favorite books almost hands-down.

I will admit I’m a little bit of a bandwagon fan of this book that most preteens should’ve already read by now (And trust me, no 6th grader wants to be behind in anything.) This so-called book that I’m talking about is what I hope most people had in their heads: Yes, friends it’s Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. I read it in second grade and was completely mesmerized by the slightly mature teen humor, the intense action scenes that filled almost every chapter,  and the wonderfully powerful emotions that came every once in a while. (I will admit to shedding a tear once, or twice, ok fine, it was like,10 times!)

Truly, that was the first book I really fell in love with, of course I pretended to love other books that my mom read to me but I felt a strong sense of accomplishment finishing that book, and like other kids as soon as the comic edition came out I sprinted over to the store.


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