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Book Harvest Joins Keeping Children Safe Network!

Book Harvest is committed to keeping children safe from abuse through awareness raising, prevention, responding and reporting. Book Harvest believes that every child has the right to respect and protection, regardless of gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and whether or not they have a disability.


Accordingly, this year, after an extensive series of meetings among Book Harvest’s board and staff, we were proud and delighted to adopt a Child Safeguarding Policy and Code of Conduct for our organization. We developed this policy with significant support and guidance from the London-based organization Keeping Children Safe (KCS).

KCS conducted a thorough review of our Child Safeguarding Policy to ensure that it meets their high standards. This week, KCS announced that Book Harvest has been accepted into the KCS network as an associate member. This wonderful news was announced on their website:

We are grateful to be included in this worldwide community of activists committed to safeguarding all children.


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