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A New Home for Books

By Maria Siegel, founder and owner of Bring Home Order, a residential professional organizing company working with individuals and families in the Triangle

This post is excerpted from Maria’s blog. The original post is available here.


In the last two weeks I’ve been working with several clients who are updating and bringing order to playrooms, kids’ bedrooms and bonus rooms.  Many of these families are “transitioning” from the little- to big-kid stage.  I love these projects because it’s very rewarding to help families usher in a new chapter of life.  And for the families, it’s gratifying to get rid of no longer needed toys, books and baby gear.  Once piles of such items are removed, the transformation of their spaces is quite dramatic – and that feels really awesome – for both the families and me. Inevitably, the question arises of what to do with all of the old “stuff,” particularly stacks of outgrown kids’ books.  My favorite place to donate these well-loved titles is Book Harvest.

As a mom and former teacher, this program speaks volumes to me for obvious reasons.  But more significantly, Book Harvest’s mission resonates with me because I was a kid that grew up without books at home.  My parents were illiterate immigrants and we had no books in our home for most of my early years.  Then, when I was in kindergarten, a cousin gave me a book as a holiday gift.  I can still tell you everything about that book because I read it dozens of times.  I took it everywhere I went and was SO PROUD to own a book.  I’m tearing up just thinking about it!  In hindsight, that little book started my journey into life-long literacy.  What a gift, right?  One little book can really make a difference.  This is why I so admire the work that Book Harvest is doing and the impact it’s having on thousands of children in our community.  You just never know what the gift of a little book can do.


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