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What a Día!

Dancing, singing, face painting, robot driving, maraca making, and ice cream eating were just some of the highlights of last Saturday’s celebration of Día at Northgate Mall. Over 800 people came out to join Durham County Library and Book Harvest in our annual celebration of books for all kids. And of course every child who came had the opportunity to decorate and fill a bag with books they selected themselves to take home and keep forever — 3,865 books total!

On or around April 30 each year, libraries all over the country celebrate children and connect them to the world of learning through books, particularly those honoring and embracing varied home languages and cultures. Durham County Library’s Interim Manager for the Main Library, Faith Burns, shared why this celebration is a particularly important one: “Durham County Library participates in a variety of nationally recognized programs and activities that support our strategic plan and mission. Participation in the celebration of Día de los ninos/Día de los libros allows DCL to lead in literacy and connect with the rich cultural diversity of our community.”

Many thanks to all the volunteers who helped make our celebration of Día possible this year — including a special shoutout to all the students from Durham School for the Arts who volunteered with us! And thanks, too, to Durham County Library for inviting Book Harvest to be part of such a great party. See you next year!

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