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Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

November 23, 2022 | By Bria Davenport

Happy Thanksgiving!

The holidays can be hectic when you’re trying to get things together but you have little ones running behind your every step! Here are some ideas to keep them occupied & festive. All activities have an easy set-up & also nice to have a visiting relative who can help out your kiddo too!

Watch this Read-A-Loud for “How to Catch a Turkey”

Here are some activities related to the book that are both fun & educational:

Give your kiddo a job for the day, here are some ideas:

  1. Have them create placemats for the table with their special artwork, they can even personalize it for each family member to take home

  2. Have them on appetizer duty; here are some easy snack mixes they can pull together & put out for the pre-meal festivities:

  3. Here’s a Blessings Mix from “I Have No Greater Joy”

  4. Here’s the Turkey Munch from “Tidy Mom”

It’s Game Time!

Having games the whole family can enjoy is also a great way to keep everyone occupied & out of the kitchen. In my family, we love playing UNO & even incorporate the little ones to help them learn their colors & numbers. Here are game ideas that you’ll enjoy:

Add a timer to these games for a little competition!

We hope you enjoy these activities & be sure to let us know if you try any! Have a happy & safe holiday from your friends at Book Harvest.

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