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Our 2017 book tallies are in!

by Ginger Young, Executive Director

This afternoon, just before 5:00 pm, a young reader selected the final Book Harvest book of 2017 from our shelves. I couldn’t wait to share our amazing annual tally with you:

236,161 books!

WOW. Together, as a community, we provided so many books to local kids this year.

Thank you to everyone who donated books, sorted books, ran book drives, moved boxes of books, stocked shelves of books for our kids to harvest, and — of course — read a book with a child.

My heart is brimming with immense gratitude — and with a profound sense of what is possible. I am thrilled to be part of a community that believes in the power of books to change kids’ lives, AND that acts on that belief, child by child and book by book. 

Inspired by our community’s belief in our children’s brilliance, we at Book Harvest remain steadfast in our commitment to ensuring book-rich homes and brighter futures for every child. We can’t wait to get to work in 2018.

Oh, and in case you are wondering how many books kids have harvested since I began this work out of my garage in 2011, here is the grand total:

Wishing everyone in the Book Harvest family a prosperous, happy, and book-filled New Year!

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