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Once Upon a Book

By Olivia Rivera, third grade student at Ravenscroft


Once upon a time, there was a lonely page (from a book), in a lonely muted alley way. The page was forgotten and needed a child to pick her up to go on a new adventure. The book was dull and lifeless without a friend to flip through her pages. The book’s title changed every time a child picked up the page.

The page was seen or touched in the past, until the great tragedy happened. It was a bright curious spring morning in the town of Wish. You could smell vintage paper and leather covers, you could hear the slow silent rustle of many books being read, you could feel the damp fresh air, you could taste the candied breeze float of your tongue and you could see the bright sun aglow.

It happened fast. A dark cloud loomed over the sky and there was a tornado for three seconds, and then all the books were gone. The day turned gray and gloomy. All the wonder and imagination had gone. The town of Wish had turned into a place of laziness and the townspeople had lost their memory of any books they ever read.

One lonely morning, the page heard a rustle behind the bushes. A girl leapt out of them and stared right at the page. She walked around the page, wonder in her eyes. “Hello,” said the girl. She reached out and touched the page. Immediately, there was a big flash of light and the page turned into a majestic book. The book’s title was The Curse of the Gift. Then, the book started to talk. “Hello young girl, call me Melody. What’s your name?” asked the book. “Urn, I’m Ivy. I am 9 years old. How come you can talk?” Except the book couldn’t answer. “I am uncertain, for I’ve never been able before. But something’s telling me that it is because your wonder and curiosity.” Ivy continued to stare, but then shook it off. “Why are you here?” asked Melody. Weill ran away from home because my family can’t wonder or imagine.” “I thought after the big tragedy all of the books were gone.” said the girl sadly. “Me too, but somehow I survived,” replied Melody. “Will you please read me?” So the girl found some rocks to lean on, and started reading. As she did this, her surroundings changed from a dark alley way into a bright meadow. It had mountains and streams, flowers and plants. Two days later, Ivy finished the book and explored the meadow still clutching the book in her hand. “You know Melody, I was thinking and I realized we have a connection with the story, The Curse of the Gift. We both have had hard times and good times.” Ivy stopped, and looked at the vast meadow. “I agree, but alas I am empty. After the wonder in the town of Wish had been taken away, I feel the need to get it back,” said the book as if there was anger inside her. “Well let’s go!” So the two of them went into the woods to think, when they came across a portal titled; The Town of Wish. “Let’s go in,” said Ivy with a hint of fear. She took a step back, and then jumped through. A purple substance flew behind Ivy and Melody. Blinding light escaped their vision and the whole world went black.

“Where are we?” moaned Ivy. As Melody’s vision cleared, she realized that they were back in the town of Wish. “HA HA HA!!!” laughed somebody in a corner. “Well, well, well. What do we have here?” The dark figure moved out of the corner. “Remember me Melody?” This was followed by shrill laughter. “Yes Mr. Nightmare. You stole the wonder from Wish.” Said Melody fiercely. “Correct, but I see you haven’t gone. Ahh, who’s this?” He stared at Ivy, narrowing his eyelids. “How come you are imagining, wondering and thinking?” I don’t know, but I want you to bring all of that back!” stuttered Ivy. But when he asked her if that was a challenge, Ivy was speechless.

“I guess I’ll just get rid of your little book here and you next.” But just as he raised his finger, Ivy stood in the way and said the word that she had never ever said before. “No. I won’t let you.” Except who thinks a nightmare would listen? He shot the spell out of his finger but it couldn’t pass Ivy. “How dare you, I put a spell on the world that for eternity everybody would fear me.” The anger in his eyes tortured Ivy. “I’m not afraid, but all you care about is darkness. I told you to bring back the light. Three, two, one.” Because of Ivy’s confidence, the world was brought back to peace. People got back their wonder, and books were being read again. The town of wish all realized that no matter how young or old you are, you can still make a difference by doing, saying, and thinking for change. As for Ivy – well she went back to normal, but she still had a spark of magic, wonder, and kindness.



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