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Meet Our Fall Intern: Lacey Wheeler!

By Lacey Wheeler, Duke student and Book Harvest intern


I am so excited to be joining the Book Harvest team this semester!  I am a senior (eek!) at Duke University majoring in Psychology.  I’m also in the elementary teacher preparation program and will be student teaching in the spring!  Looking back on my time at Duke, my favorite experience was “tenting” for the Duke vs. UNC basketball game in the spring of 2015 (spoiler alert: we won).  I slept in a tent outside of the stadium with 11 of my friends for almost a month leading up to the game.  I probably wouldn’t do it again, but it was a blast!

I saw Book Harvest for the first time while getting lost on my way to eat at what eventually became one of my favorite places to eat in Durham: Nanataco.  My chicken quesadillas weren’t in the Rockwood Shopping Center, but something else really cool was.  I searched the web for Book Harvest that evening and learned about its mission.  A friend of mine interned here last year and loved her experience.

As a teacher in training, I know that there are learning opportunities beyond my classroom.  I’m interning with Book Harvest because I want all of my students, regardless of finances or whatever else, to have access to those opportunities through books.  I’m excited to work with an organization that loves Durham and is responsive to this need in our community!


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