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Interview: A Kid’s Perspective

By Griffin Maynard, Student & Volunteer


What was your favorite children’s book?

That’s a hard one. I really liked Iggy Peck Architect, because Iggy built all these crazy structures out of everyday things like pancakes, pencils, apples and diapers. When I was little, I used to love to build with useful junk and one day I might want to be an architect…or maybe an adventurer.

When did you start volunteering with Book Harvest?

About a year ago.

Before you started volunteering, were you aware that not all kids have access to books?

I thought a few kids may not be able to afford books, but I had no idea that there were so many. It was kind of a shock.

What sort volunteer work have you done for Book Harvest?

I’ve donated books, sorted books, helped kids pick 10 books at Books on Break and loaded books at the MLK book drive. I also donate a portion of my allowance to Book Harvest.

Why did you feel it was important to volunteer for Books Harvest?

It was the organization that really caught my eye, because every kid should have books. To me, having books is just as important to kids as having a house is to grown-ups.

What’s your favorite Book Harvest volunteer moment?

Probably seeing how happy the kids are when they walk into the library to pick their 10 books during Books on Break.

You were happy to hear about a boy named Barry who was thrilled to find a dinosaur book that you donated. Why was his reaction meaningful to you?

I was amazed that a book that wasn’t one of my favorites was so exciting for another boy. It feels like we’re friends now even though we’ve never met. It’s nice that books can bring people together like that.

If you were going to encourage other kids to volunteer for Book Harvest, what would you say?

It’s a great organization because it allows kids to help other kids. Grownups may not always know the books kids like most. But when kids donate their favorite books to programs like Books on Break, they help other kids own the books they know kids like best.

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