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Fall Activity & Engagement Checklist

September 9, 2021

Today’s blog post was creating using materials from Talking is Teaching, a campaign of Too Small to Fail.

Fall is upon us! With the cooler air comes a welcomed transition to consistent schedules, outdoor activities, cozy nights and gentle mornings, and a new eagerness for learning. Today’s blog is a list of fun ways to engage with the little ones in your life as you transition into autumn. You can download a PDF of the full list, plus a list of suggested books and videos for fall, at the bottom of the page.

  1. During your trip to the grocery store, talk about the fall-themed fruits and vegetables you see! “Look at this pumpkin! What color is it? Is it soft? Hard?”

  2. Fall foliage is both beautiful and a great learning opportunity! As you go on a walk with your little one, search for leaves and then sort them by color, size, or shape!

  3. Turn snack time into learning time! Cut slices of different types of apples and talk about how they taste. “This green apple is sour! Do you think the red apple will be sweet or sour?”

  4. On a cool fall evening, cuddle up with a warm blanket and read a book with your little one.

  5. Take a moment to talk about what you’re thankful for today! “I’m thankful that we got to go on a walk together! What are you thankful for?”

  6. Decorate your house for fall! Tape leaves to the door and decorate the walls with your child’s art! As you decorate, talk about each item together! “What should we put on the wall next?”

  7. Get your little one’s wiggles out by dancing to your favorite fall-themed music! Do the monster mash together or sing and dance along to your favorite songs!

  8. Go on a “shape hunt” with your little one. Search for different shapes in your home and around your neighborhood.

  9. Have fun pretending to move and sound like different animals. “Ribbit and hop like a frog” or “chirp and flap your wings like a bird”!

  10. When you go on a walk with your baby, count the trees, leaves, cars, or animals that you see.

  11. Talk about clothing and the weather. “What do we wear when it is cold? Warm?”

  12. Use words to describe time with your child as you do different activities. Was the walk long or short? Do you like long walks or quick walks?


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