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Congratulations, Book Babies Class of 2019!

The Book Babies Class of 2019, along with the Book Babies staff team and Book Harvest board members

“My son, Adan, who is five years old now, has been participating in Book Babies since he was two weeks old. I still remember the first book they brought him, it was black and white with mirrors without words. I remember when I was doing tummy time with Adan and I showed him the book he was so interested in the book!”

Since he was two weeks old! Last Saturday, Adan and 28 other five-year-olds crossed the stage at The W.G. Pearson Center, collecting their diplomas which celebrate their families’ five years of participation in the Book Babies program and marking their readiness for kindergarten this coming fall. Adan’s mom, Abigail, shared her reflections on their five years in the program, describing how the books and home visits had helped Adan in his development — and how Adan now shares his love of books with his younger brother, Leonardo!

Keynote speaker Mercedes McCurley, DPS Parent Liaison, encouraged the graduates to look at themselves in the mirror and proudly say their names — to be proud of who they are and what they have accomplished as they head into their next adventures in kindergarten next year. And proud they were, as were all the friends and family members who gathered to celebrate with them. We hope you enjoy these highlights of the celebration — we’re so proud of our Book Babies Class of 2019!


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