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Chapters with Book Harvest

By Rachel Zawadzki, summer intern

As my time with Book Harvest as a summer intern has come to a close, several moments remain etched into my memory. From visiting summer camps through Durham Housing Authority (DHA), to chatting with all of the wonderful families that come into our Durham office to pick out books, this summer has been one that has allowed me to see firsthand the joy that reading can bring to an individual. The following are just a few of my favorite memories that have been made over the summer:

  1. National Summer Learning Day, where I was able to visit several DHA sites and talk to kids about the importance of learning over the summer, and read The Little Engine That Could to one summer camp.

  2. Talking with families every day, and seeing excitement light up the face of a child when they uncovered a fantastic book to read, whether it be an old favorite, or new adventure.

  3. Meeting the incredible staff of Book Harvest, bolstered by an amazing corps of volunteers devoted to the work they do, and committed to promoting a love of reading.

  4. Attending the Habitat for Humanity Builder’s Blitz, where four families were given bookshelves for their brand new homes, as well as books to help those children build a library of their own,

  5. Seeing so much of the Durham community, which welcomed me with open arms. When I was involved in a car accident while delivering books, residents of the neighborhood immediately came to my aid, disregarding the fact that I was a stranger.

I could go on and on about what an incredible experience this has been, but I know that for me, my experience with Book Harvest definitely isn’t over. It’s simply begun a new chapter, where I hope to continue seeing the impact of reading on everyone this organization comes in contact with.

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