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Celebrating our Book Babies Families

November 16 2023 By Frida Daniels Sanchez, Book Babies Coordinator

Every winter we are thrilled to spend time with the Book Babies families during

our annual Book Babies celebration, and this year's celebration was no exception.

This past Saturday we gathered at the Old Mill Farm in Durham. It was perfect to set the mood for a cold fall afternoon filled with lots of love, good music, snacks and of course...books!

Seeing the kids running down the hills covered in leaves, enjoying the pond and fountain, playing festival games with their parents and sitting in the swing under the tree reading some books was absolutely the best reward.

We truly love the opportunity to bring books to our families, and seeing the children's faces while they are picking out their books and putting them in their bags is what encourages us to keep doing what we do!

We are grateful to our Book Babies families for joining us on this year's special day!


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